sobota, 18 sierpnia 2012

- only organic cotton
- mixed-use projects, which you define
- simplicity and comfort invites you to a unique interior
on the street Mokotowska 60/100 to meet
with an interesting design. In addition to the clothes you can buy shoes Chie Mihara.

Photos: Michał Radwański

niedziela, 5 sierpnia 2012

meet the florentines

I know, I know... I wasn't here from a long time, but I were really busy at my ordinary work... but now I'm back ;) and I want you to introduce the brand jewelry - florentines!! jewelry that is both luxurious thanks to the pearls and Swarovski crystals and unique with custom engraving done for! 

and now I have the opportunity to collaborate with this brand! so I have a surprise for you, dear readers for each order placed, you will get 10% - 20% discount. the only thing you should do it at checkout enter the code Place Trends on e-mail: . Enjoy your shopping!!!

piątek, 6 lipca 2012


Minefy - means painting to be worn. Ewa Zwolińska -  means an artist, but her paintings painted on t-shirts, dresses and other parts of the wardrobe! This concept of an portrait in an unorthodox way, instead on canvas, on the clothes of silk or cotton. Even on the personal request!!

above the place where not only created custom images, but you can see, try or buy ready-made work.
 More info you can find HERE !!!

and here I'm in one of Minefy ;)


Photos: Michał Radwański

piątek, 29 czerwca 2012

designer: natalia grzybowski



 natalia grzybowski is a fashion and textile designer working in fashion based in Sydney, but her origins come from Poland (and I'm very proud of it!!!). hybrid is a collection of simple silhouettes and unusual vegetable prints. more you can find on her blog HERE

niedziela, 24 czerwca 2012

OSiR Cafe

military jacket: Zara/ dress: Topshop/ sandals: Stradivarius/ ring: H&M

last time I was in the OSiR. OSiR cycle culture cafe is an alternative space where everyone will feel relaxed. OSiR is a place that was created out of love for bikes, cause it's a cafe and a gallery of cycling... concerts, films, slide shows from travel are just some of the events that take place here.