niedziela, 15 stycznia 2012

touch of glass

cases: NOWIŃSKA; sleeveless, blouse, ring: H&M; pants: Zara; boots: Topshop

this time, in my place I introduce to you, guys a designer and a producer - Maria Nowińska who one of her works seen here. her brand is guided by the philosophy that:
"Every single human being creates himself and his reflection through their unique style, which distinguishes them among others. Each piece of human work creates atmosphere that influences our everyday life as well as the others. The necessity of surrounding ourselves with extraordinary, unusual things and beautifying the reality is a key to defining our closest environment and manifestation of individual lifestyle. Nowińska handbags are ideated with joy and passion for creation beautiful things, that are handcrafted for connoisseurs looking for something more than mass production handbags."

If you want to know other things of her brand, follow my blog!

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  1. you look adorable, and im infatuated with your style!

  2. love it!!!

  3. Hi, thanks for your comment, you have a new follower too:) Love the symmetric lines of this outfit!

  4. Świetnie wyglądasz! Podoba mi się Twój blog i dodaje do obserwowanych!
    Myślę że spodoba Ci się mój blog dlatego zapraszam na:

  5. You look great! Love your outfit!

  6. I love your vest doll! Thanks for visiting my site! I will follow via Bloglovin!