niedziela, 22 stycznia 2012

dominika cybulska design

for today - Dominika Cybulska - in my Place:

Dominika is based in Warsaw, Poland. She studied at International School Of Costume&Fashion Design In Warsaw. Her collections are produced in Poland.She loves avant-garde,she tries to move an architecture to fashion world in deconstruction way. She likes deform the humans' silhouette and makes emotional clothing.
There is no change without an evolution. There is no deformation without a change. Under the influence of architecture. Revived fashion inspired by the work (buildings) of Frank Owen Gehry and Zahá Ḥadíd. Between the hands of Dominika Cybulska Polish summer of 2012 was born!

above stuffs from the latest collection. combination of leather and chiffon have seen already from many designers. for me the most striking is print on a skirt !!

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  1. Uwielbiam kreacje Dominiki:)
    Zapraszam w na konkurs u mnie:

  2. Love your blog hun!!...the pics are amazing...we could be followers....visit mine

    and many